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5 FAQs

  • What is Professional Databoy?

    Professional Databoy (PD) is a platform that helps students save time by collecting and organizing information for them.

  • What do I do after creating my account?

    It is important for you to perform two actions after creating your account. These are:

    1. Join Classrooms

    To join a classroom all you have to do is go to the classrooms page, and click the join button next to the classroom avatar.

    Watch the video

    2. Download Professional Databoy App

    You can download the app by clicking the button below

    Download Android App

  • How do I download documents?

    Once you are logged in, go to The Hub ( and click the orange documents icon. You will then see a list of documents uploaded to the classrooms you have joined. If you have not joined any classrooms you will not see any documents.

  • Where can I get more help for Professional Databoy?

    If you need more help you can use one of the suggestions below:

    • You can visit the Explore Page.
    • You can contact us on our Facebook Page.
    • You can contact us on Whatsapp (Number will be added soon).

    Stay tuned for more options.

  • How do I find questions for my Classroom?

    Once you are on the Ask a monk page, follow these steps:

    1. Click Category
    2. Select your Classroom from the list (or use the search box)
    3. Wait a few seconds.. and there you go 🙂 !

    Use the picture below if you're not sure

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